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      Company Culture

      Company succeeds depending on the know-how and innovative capability of all staff. We take High-efficiency, Collaboration and Customers' Recognition as final aim.


      Company carries out the constant strategy of System Innovation Boosting the Development of Business and Enterprise. We have established and perfected scientific aim management system, excitation system and built a cultural atmosphere of competition. The general aim of Phoenix Culture is to build a study-type and sustainable professional Company with vitality and innovation and collectivism.


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      No.15, Shiliu Road,Hudai Industrial Park, Hudai Town,Binghu District,Wuxi City, Jiangsu,China



      Fax: 0510- 85181898
      E-mail: huali898@vip.163.com
      CEO Xue Zhonghua
       Company     Qualification    Product  Facility     Shop Site     Shipment     Cooperation Contact Us     中文版
      Copyright @ Wuxi Huali Petrochemical Engineering Co.,Ltd.      
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